Lite on White - Discreet with Sweets


Are you craving information about healthy eating? Are you ravenous for advice taking it from any and every source - creating even more desperation as the conflicting information causes further confusion.

Go to the book stores.  There are entire sections on diet and nutrition books.  Some are written by doctors – even doctors of psychology.  Some are written by actors, entertainers and other individuals who want to share their own success stories.  Some are written by prestigious university nutrition departments. They all tell a different story, but few emphasize the importance of eating whole, natural “real”, food rather than counting calories, carbs, fat or protein.  With this book, there is no need for carrying around a food diary or pocket carb counter. 

This is the book you’ve been looking for that will tell you what you should and should not eat - and why - without going in to a lot of scientific jargon. 

No shortcuts

 Don’t look for shortcuts or miracles.  There are none.  You don’t see the results immediately as you do with a new outfit, hair style, make-up or nail manicure.  Sometimes it takes months or years to have a huge impact.  You just have to know what’s right and want to do what’s best for yourself in the long run helping you be your very best.

Not another “diet” book.  It is a healthy eating and drinking guide.  


Food is grown.  Food is raised.  Food grows in nature – in the wild.  Food rots.  Food has life sustaining nutrients which are imparted to you when you eat it.   Food provides vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micronutrients, macronutrients, phytonutrients, antioxidants and fiber. 

Food is not made.  Food is not manufactured. 

Arm yourself against the onslaught of ads and false claims.

Nature did not complicate food

Are you confused about what you should or should not eat?  It’s not your fault!  Nature did not complicate food for us.  Humans have complicated our eating and drinking by manufacturing non-foods and marketing them in mammoth campaigns as food.  The past two generations have grown up with grocery stores filled with boxes and bags of manufactured or over processed “food” devoid of natural nutrients.

Fuel your tank with premium 

 This book is not intended to give you unrealistic expectations.  It is designed to help you understand that there is no magic pill.  You absolutely must know that you have to eat real food to be healthy and look your best!
 Your body will run on synthetic fuels and nutrient lightweights for a while.  Most bodies find a way to sputter along in spite of the cheap fuel.  But if you want to be a peak performer – relatively free of disease and discomfort - you must supply your body with premium fuel!

Healthy weight

Written specifically for teens and twenties. It’s about learning how to make healthy eating and drinking choices for looking and feeling your best, having more energy and healthy weight.

There are healthy ways of being thin and there are unhealthy ways of being thin.  You can drink diet sodas or coffee and smoke cigarettes all day and be thin, but you will not be healthy.  You can be thin and healthy if you’re eating mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, but not if you’re eating a slab of steak and a single stalk of celery.